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UnitedHive Vision

At United Hive, we exist to magnify Christ, unify believers, and fuel evangelism.

Our platform makes it fast and easy to share what God is doing through your life everyday. We are His hands and feet, so with every “pin” we demonstrate that Jesus is very much alive!

As a believer, you’ll be encouraged by the stories happening all around you. Start your day by exploring what other believers are doing in your local community or around the world. By “following” other users, the collective gets built, the hive grows and unity is fostered. Here, denomination doesn’t matter. It’s the Good News. It’s Jesus, period.

Faith is contagious. We believe that God is awakening every Christian to live as Jesus lived. It may look different for each believer, but every Christian is called to share the love of Jesus with the world. After all, “The Earth is the Lord's, and all that is in it.”

It’s time for the global church to unite as one to see Jesus magnified in every corner of our world. Are you tired of powerless Christianity? Do you believe that God wants to use YOU?

At United Hive, we shout YES and ask you join with us today!